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Air conditioning requires regular maintenance the same as the rest of the vehicle.The air conditioning system is filled with a refrigerant gas that over time will escape from even the best sealed system,due to leakage past rubber seals and compressor joints.Afer around 3 years the system may have lost 60% or more of refrigerant gas.This loss of system refrigerant will lead to condensation and deteriation of the internal surfaces of the sytem and rapidly lead to system failure and potentially expensive repairs.For a modest outlay we can evacuate the system,filter the existing gas,weigh the amount evacuated, create a vaccum on the system to remove any moisture present,then replenish the with the correct charge weight of refrigerant and oil if required.The system is then checked for operation and integrity.Cost for this service is £65 + vat.  We can also carry out repairs to the entire airconditioning installation from compressors to condensors to pipe repairs and electrical fault finding etc etc.
01773 748333
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